What is E-Hackathon?

Time has been quite tough on mankind recently. However, despite the surging complexities in the way of progress, we have never learnt to face away from the difficulties. We have always been keen towards dealing with it and find solutions and keep marching towards glory. This time too, we shall succeed.
Therefore, with "Nav-Ujjwal E-innovation Hackathon", we bring up to you an opportunity to come forward with your innovative ideas and salvage the sinking mankind. This indigenous hackathon platform aims at bringing out the best in you by providing excellent exposure and guidance along with exciting perks that will definitely prove to be fruitful in the long run.

Let's Get Familiar With the Theme

Model Club is back with yet another invigorating event "Nav-Ujjwal E-Innovation Hackathon", and we are equally thrilled to introduce our mascot "Gray Matter".
Drawing inspiration from the vision of "Atmanirbhar Bharat" mission, Gray Matter symbolises the innovative Indian brain, and we call upon the cognizant minds to probe into some of the intricate real life problems and come up with their newfangled solutions.

Innovation Challenges

Save the Planet Challenge

IoT based Industrial Problems

COVID-19 and Differently-Abled People

Public Health

Welfare via Augmented Reality

Disaster Management and Food Security

Being Human

Nav Ujjwal Bharat Innovation Challenge

PomoDoneApp Challenge

PomoDoneApp Challenge

PomoDone is the easiest way to track your workflow using Pomodoro technique, on top of your current task management service.



Launch / Registration starts 16th July 2020

Registration and Abstract submission will be done on D2C.

Last date for registration

28th July 2020

This is last day for the Registration and Abstract submission.

Shortlisted Teams for Finals

2nd August 2020

Shortlisted team leaders will receive the confirmation e-mails.

Grand Finale

4th-6th August 2020

Official Commencement of 48-hrs long E-Hackathon with the Inauguration ceremony.


9th August 2020

Result would be declared on the basis of all the evaluation rounds.

Our Patrons

Prof. Dr. D.K. Singh
Director B.I.T. Sindri

Prof. Dr. R.P. Gupta
Prof. Incharge Model Club



The winning team of this hackathon would be awarded with exciting gifts, Electronic-workshops, subscriptions, coupons and books costing Rs. 60,000.

1st Runner Up

The 1st runner up team would be awarded gift Electronic-vouchers, coupons and subscriptions costing Rs. 40,000.

2nd Runner Up

The 2nd runner up team would be awarded with Electronic-vouchers and, coupons and subscription costing Rs. 30,000.

Additional Prizes

With the ongoing pandemic, people might have been confined to their homes, but innovation continues to be unrestrained, as people with their innovative ideas are trying their level best to solve the pre-existing issues surrounding mankind. To acknowledge this never-say-die spirit and hardwork, all participants / teams would be awarded with e-participation certificates.

A crisis indeed brings out the best in us. In spite of the challenging situations created due to COVID-19, our dynamic teams expanded the horizon of possibilities by devising prolific ideas in order to tackle the predicaments of mankind. To honor their accomplishments, winners would be accorded with exciting gift vouchers and coupons.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what level is the event organised?

This is a national level event.

What is the event duration?

It is a three day event starting from 4th August and ending on 6th August.

Is it a three-day event or 48 hours?

Hackathon is all about the journey of starting from scratch and ending with a final solution.
For the first 48hrs, the participants will work offline developing their prototypes and solutions along with a few minutes of interactions on the progress by the jury.
The final works will have to be submitted by the finalists an hour before the grand finale. Changes made after that won't be acknowledged.
Thus the contest is of 48 hours only with final day for idea pitching and evaluation solely.

Is there any registration fees?

No, there's no registration fees.

Is this a team event or individual?

It's a team event. The maximum and minimum allowable members in the team being 4 and 2 respectively.

What will be the day-wise working order for the participants?

The working order will be as follows.
The last day is for the participants to pitch their final prototype or solutions developed.
For the first 48 hrs, the competitors will work offline developing their prototype with few minutes of real-time progress check sessions by the jury.
For all updates, stay tuned to our social media handles.

Is there any language barrier for presenting our idea?

There is absolutely no language barrier. It can be preferably English or Hindi.

Will all the participants get certificates?

Yes! Participation certificates and exciting goodies will be provided to every shortlisted participant of the Hackathon.

Are there any linguistic boundaries?

No, there is no language barrier.
But prefer English since most of the jury members will be compatible in English.

Will there be screenings and eliminations after every round?

Yes! After the first round, top 20 teams will make it the second round on the basis of jury's evaluation. After the second round the top 10 highly competent teams will make it to the grand finale.
Refer the rulebook for all details.

Is there any event brochure for all relevant details?

Yes, The event brochure will be mailed to the teamleaders of shortlisted teams one day before the event.

Is this a software hackathon or hardware?

The solutions can be both hardware as well as software.

To know more about the rules: